The Samya Rose Stumo Memorial Fellowship for Global Health is for exceptional young women change-makers who have inventive ideas that look to revolutionize global health. The fellowship will support the entrepreneurial ideas of young women who may otherwise have never had the opportunity. ThinkWell will offer a platform to inspire fellows, incubate their ideas, and launch their careers.

ThinkWell wants to help emerging women leaders identify a need for improved health outcomes in their own community and mentor them to create a model for change. Fellows will dedicate a year of their lives to develop this model. The model could have one or more of the following components:

  • A BUSINESS or operating model
  • Harnessing the COLLECTIVE energy in the community
  • Developing ADVOCACY tools
  • Community EDUCATION
  • POLICY recommendations

Fellows will be part of a cohort where they will be mentored by leading ThinkWell global health experts, learn how to problem solve health systems challenges, and build their own professional networks.

The fellowship experience will include:

  • In Country mentorship guidance from ThinkWell’s leading global health experts
  • Weekly virtual classes and mentorship on business skills and entrepreneurship
  • Workshops and lectures from prominent global health leaders
  • A monthly stipend to support their work and professional development

Who We Are Seeking

We seek applications from women who want to pursue work in global health, have demonstrated leadership in their communities, and are interested improving health outcomes in their communities. Individuals must be willing to commit one year to this fellowship as their primary activity (40hrs/wk). The fellowship stipend is meant to be equivalent to a full-time employment salary.

The fellowship will accept promising women applicants from Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Indonesia, Kenya, and the Philippines.  

Our Criteria and Evaluation

Prospective fellows must apply with an original global health project idea that proposes a model for change in their community/country. Proposed ideas could have one or more of the following components:

  • A BUSINESS or operating model
  • Harnessing the COLLECTIVE energy in the community
  • Developing ADVOCACY tool
  • Community EDUCATION
  • POLICY recommendations

Candidates will be evaluated against the following criteria:

  • Is the idea or area of interest financially, politically, practically realistic?
  • What impact will the idea or area of interest have?
  • What background/experiences make the applicant qualified to undertake a project in this space?

How to Apply

Interested individuals are encouraged to apply online with the following:

  • CV outlining education, experience, and accomplishments
  • 1 letter of recommendation describing how the candidate exemplifies strong merits and commitment to the field of global health
  • Answers to the following questions about their stated global health project/initiative:
    • Problem Statement: Identify a health problem you are interested in exploring in your community/country (350 words max)
    • Research Methods: Describe the types of research methods you may want to use for your project (200 words max)
    • Outline Model for Change: Outline possible avenues you’d explore as a potential solution. (400 words max) Solutions can include:
      • A BUSINESS or operating model
      • Harnessing the COLLECTIVE energy in the community
      • Developing ADVOCACY tools
      • Community EDUCATION
      • POLICY recommendations
    • Potential Partners: Share with us the types of partners you aspire to work with to bring your model to life. Examples of potential partners can range from local community members and community NGO’s/businesses to government organizations and international agencies. (200 words max)
    • Intended Impact: Describe the potential impact and reach you want to make within your community (200 words max)
  • Answers to the following questions (suggested 250 words per question)
    • Which professional accomplishments to date are you proudest of?
    • What are your professional goals for the next several years?
    • How would this opportunity advance your goals?


The deadline for the 2022-2023 cohort is June 3rd, 2022.