ThinkWell Institute believes that social innovation is a process of development whereby growth, progress, and positive change are the effects. Our goal is to support individuals and organizations by providing solutions, crafted through an exchange of ideas and values, that reduce administrative burden, leverage common resources, and provide strategic guidance to further initiatives that produce positive impact in our ever-growing global community.

Our Model

We provide technical and strategic guidance

We bring together world-class technical expertise to help advance the well-being of society. Our range of expertise spans health systems and financing, business strategy, partnership development, and organizational acceleration.

We support operations

We provide operational and managerial services through any combination of administrative, accounting, compliance, and human resource functions, domestically or internationally, so that the focus can be on impact, not paperwork.

We offer fiscal sponsorship

By offering a fundraising platform, operational support, and creative guidance, we work with grassroots organizations to build their impact and momentum.

We engage in fundraising

As fundraisers, we actively work to not only bring in capital, but to serve a cause we are passionate about and empower organizations to solve problems that matter.

We catalyze collective impact

We partner with organizations to build aligned and collaborative plans to scale impact together.